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Fix Your Problem Water With Solutions From Pro Products

Pro Products formulates, manufactures, packages, and markets its problem water solutions worldwide from Fort Wayne, Indiana through an authorized distributor base. We maintain a stringent research and development program that consistently upgrades each product, ensuring the most reliable and effective chemicals to meet the professional's water quality needs. It is our mission to provide the highest quality problem water solutions on-time with the best possible value. 

For the best problem water solutions, call Pro Products at 1-866-357-5063 or contact us online. You can also purchase these problem water solutions online at

Pro Chemicals
Pro Chemicals provides high quality, cost effective solutions for rectifying problem water and maintaining water quality equipment performance. Pro Chemicals formulates, manufactures and markets its products to the water conditioning industry through an authorized distributor base.
American Hydro Systems
American Hydro Systems offers solutions and systems to treat the effects of problem well water in the irrigation industry. Its products include Rid O' Rust stain removers and preventers, GrassSoGreen liquid fertilizer, scale reducers, siphoning and injections systems.
LanoSoft Soaps
Lanosoft specializes in soft water soaps for laundry detergents, personal care products and household cleaners designed specifically for soft water homes. Lanosoft has been providing these specialized soft water soap products for over fifty years and are a reputable name in the water treatment industry.
Spectrum Demo & Test Kits
Spectrum Demo and Test Kits are the best water conditioning kits in the business and are designed to achieve optimum testing results. All Spectrum solutions are blended in-house and are proprietary to the brand. Demo kits feature a heavy plastic and metal construction and are rugged enough to pass a two-story drop test.
Red-B-Gone serves the municipal water industry with high quality water treatment solutions specially formulated to remove rust stains from laundry, appliances, dishes and household surfaces caused by line flushing.
Sani-System is the only EPA & NSF sanitizer approved for use in water softeners and reverse osmosis units. It's proven to kill 99.99% of harmful bacteria and won't harm system equipment, parts and resin. Sani-System maintains the performance of water quality equipment and restores it to peak efficiency.
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