Keeping Chemicals and Pests Out of Your Backyard

Keeping Chemicals and Pests Out of Your Backyard—Where to Find All-Natural Pest Control

Pest control is absolutely necessary for preventing the eradication of precious plants by hungry bugs lurking on a landscape. However, it’s probably a tricky subject to navigate with your customers as pest control has a reputation for being toxic and detrimental to the environment.

By adopting a strategy for keeping chemicals out of a customer’s backyard, you’ll help to make them feel safer and more ecologically responsible, which is something that more homeowners are becoming passionate about in recent years.

Why Opt for All-Natural Pest Repellent?

Organic pest repellents use naturally derived substances, including essential oils and naturally occurring acids, to deter pests. Unlike products containing toxic chemicals that are harmful to children, pets, and plants, organic pest repellents are more widely accepted by homeowners for the safety they offer families, and for their gentle impact on the environment. They also do not contribute to irritations experienced by customers who suffer from allergies, asthma, and other respiratory issues. Organic pest repellents are also in favor because of their gentle approach in controlling an excess of harmful pests while maintaining a living, breathing ecosystem from which plants benefit. That’s in contrast to toxic pesticides, which are known for killing insects indiscriminately, both the bad and the beneficial varieties, leading to a detrimental imbalance in the ecosystem in which plants grow. 

NatureShield as an Example of an All-Natural Pest Repellent

NatureShield is an all-natural pest repellent that utilizes a proprietary blend of essential oils and vegetable extracts to form an effective barrier against pests. It is free of artificial additives and artificial scents, making it 100% chemical-free, non-toxic, and EPA exempt. Its gentle impact on pets and the environment is extremely helpful in putting customers’ minds at ease regarding the use of pest repellents on their properties. NatureShield protects landscapes from flying insects, ticks, fleas, ants, and other crawling insects before they get the chance to nest. 

When applied manually using a pump or hose-end sprayer, the pest-repelling barrier created lasts approximately five days. However, you can cut labor costs and time demands by integrating both NatureShield and GrassSoGreen into an irrigation system via the GreenFeeder System, achieving both pest control and nutrient supplementation every time you water

The Active Ingredients in NatureShield and How They Work

Contains ethyl lactate & xanthan gum

ethyl lactate is a common biodegradable solvent

xanthan gum is a popular thickening agent

now gives a more mild and pleasant aroma

NatureShield contains a few active ingredients that are housed in a larger quantity of water, ethyl lactate, and xanthan gum. Ethyl lactate is a common biodegradable solvent in which the active ingredients can be dissolved, and xanthan gum is a popular thickening agent that is found in foods we eat. Garlic oil is an active ingredient that does not kill any beneficial insects but simply creates a repulsive microenvironment in which insects are strongly deterred from laying eggs. NatureShield has a past reputation for carrying a strong garlic scent; however, the new formula of NatureShield has been improved to give off a far milder and more pleasant aroma. Similarly to garlic oil, the cinnamon oil, castor oil, and cedar oil contained in NatureShield interfere with an insect’s senses and deter it from the area. Cedar oil also depresses an organism’s desire to feed.

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Applying NatureShield Manually vs. Through the Irrigation System

The use of an automatic injection system removes the labor-intensive and time-consuming aspects of applying small amounts of organic fertilizer at regular intervals, and on multiple properties. Products like fertilizers and pest repellent are fed into the irrigation system and administered to the lawn every time it is watered. In addition to saving time and money, this has various positive environmental effects that your eco-conscious customers will appreciate.

Injecting a controlled amount of liquid fertilizer into an irrigation system enables low doses of fertilizer to be distributed evenly and easily without wasting any product, resulting in both water and fertilizer being used more effectively. Systems like the GreenFeeder also do not require any electricity to maintain the injection of the product into the irrigation system. A consistent, low-dose approach to fertilization can minimize leaching and runoff, and the environmental impacts associated with these events. The GreenFeeder System adjusts its feed rate based on water flow to prevent the over-administration of products to a landscape.

The GreenFeeder System and American Hydro Injection Systems

The GreenFeeder System is an example of a feeder system that enables an irrigation system to achieve more than watering. It can be used to administer GrassSoGreen liquid fertilizer or NatureShield liquid pest repellent to landscapes regularly and in small, controlled doses. It can also be used to administer Rid O’ Rust Rust Preventer in irrigation systems with iron levels less than 2 ppm for the prevention of rust stains on properties.

The GreenFeeder System is easy to install above or below ground and can be installed vertically, horizontally, or at an angle, making the topography of a customer’s property of little concern. It can be used to administer products to an entire property or limit product distribution to a specific area. This can be controlled by installing the device along the pressurized mainline or on a non-pressurized section after a particular valve. A code-compliant backflow prevention device is required on all installations to prevent the contamination of the customer’s water supply with landscaping products. 

American Hydro injection systems similarly incorporate a specific amount of concentrated liquid fertilizer from a stock tank into a defined amount of water regulated by a metered pump. They come with a 15 gallon, 30 gallon, 100 gallon, or 200 gallon tank. When installing any injection system, parameters like the location and size of the well pump on a property must be considered. Whether the equipment needs protection from the elements should also be noted. American Hydro injection systems, for example, should be used when a below-ground or submersible well pump, or a very large above-ground pump, is involved. It’s recommended that you cover the system when installing it outdoors. 

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