American Hydro Fertigation & Repeligation System


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Prevent UGLY mineral stains caused by irrigation well water. Also use to automatically feed your lawn or repel pests every time you water. The American Hydro Systems Green Feeder Mini hooks up to the irrigation supply to capture iron, calcium and other minerals that can stain landscapes and clog equipment, or to dispense fertilizer and pest repellent. The Siphoning System works with above-ground (centrifugal) pumps and will last approximately 15 hours of irrigation time.

Durable and weatherproof, rust prevention systems and Siphoning Feeder Systems are designed to be used with above-ground well pumps. In the rust prevention system, the solution of water and Rid O’Rust Formula and/or GrassSoGreen fertilizer is sucked out of the feeder tank and into the well water stream. The feed rate is set at approximately one gallon per hour. Therefore, a 30 gallon tank provides 30 hours of watering before requiring a refill.

Part # 2660: 15 Gallon Fertigation & Repeligation System

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Part Numbers

Part # Size Qty.
2660 15 gal. Fertigation & Repeligation System 1
2650 30 gal. Siphoning System 1
2670 30 gal. Injection System 1


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