Clean & Prevent Rust Bundle


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Rid O Rust Clean & Prevent Bundle

Do you have unsightly rust stains on your sidewalk, home, and landscape that was created by your irrigation system. Those are iron stains from your well water and we have combo of products that will solve your problem. Step 1: Use our Rid O Rust Rust Stain Remover. Simply spray the remover on the stained areas, wait and watch the stains disappear. After you have removed all stains, install our American Hydro System that best meets your needs. Next, fill the tank with the recommended Rid O Rust Cleaner. Finally, run your irrigation system and never worry about rust stains again. Rid O Rust Preventer must be used in a Rid O Rust System. Rid O Rust System Sold Separately. Please reference our Dosage Calculator for proper dosing information.

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To remove most stains without scrubbing, simply spray on, rinse and walk away!

Rid ‘O Rust is safe for painted and un-painted surfaces, metal surfaces, stucco, concrete, stone, grout, and asphalt and will not etch concrete.

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2662-GL-CS 1 gal. 4
RR1-CS 64oz 4


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