Safe Pest Free Living Kit


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Green Feeder & Natureshield Kit

This kit will provide you everything you need to create the pest free outdoor area you’ve always wanted. The installation of our system will take no longer than an hour. Our Natureshild is a blended mixture of essential oils that will be sprayed on your lawn every time you water. This preventigation method creates an all natural barrier that will repel mosquitos, ticks, ants, moles and many other annoying pests. With Natureshield you will create a safe, pest free environment. No need for third party services anymore. Simply fill you tank, run your system and start enjoying our yard again. Take your yard back with Natureshield. Kit includes: 1 Greenfeeder Install System, plus 1 case of Natureshield.

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GreenFeeder System – Connect GreenFeeder directly to bottle using quick connect cap or fill tank to desired level (do not add water).

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NS1-1C 1 gal. 4


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