Stenner Replacement Parts for Metering Pumps – (Peristaltic)


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IPU-B: The IPU-B is a plastic base that is mounted on top of the 30 gallon injection tank where the IPU-16 will set into at a 45 degree angle to operate. It is black and made-up of a hard poly plastic material to last a life time in the field under normal weather conditions.

S-EC30G2: The new Stenner replacement tube for the IPU-16 Pump. The new # G tube comes installed in the current IPU pump which is now a 16 GPD ( gallon per day) model. This tube assembly is the critical part of the new IPU-16 to ensure that chemical is delivered out into the water supply line when the pump operates. The pump tube needs to be inspected and replaced on a regular basis to ensure there is no leaking which would cause damage to the pump motor.

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S-EC30G2 2 pack 1
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