The Case for Liquid Organic Fertilizer

The Case for Liquid Organic Fertilizer in an Automatic Injection System in an Irrigation System

You already know that fertilization fortifies a strong, healthy lawn that is pest- and disease-resistant while turning heads with its lush, vibrant look. Preferred methods for achieving satisfying results vary, however: Fertilization presents challenges particularly when it comes to timing—for lawn and landscape professionals, timing proves to be an issue when you have limited labor at hand. Having to time the application of fertilizer for several properties can force the need to compromise or spend more on labor than you’d prefer. 

Adding to the challenge: The application of certain types of fertilizer, like dry fertilizer, is weather-dependent as applying these products after rain can damage the grass. Applying liquid fertilizer in smaller, more regular doses via an automatic injection system or feeder system provides a more consistent supply of nutrients to lawns and is one of the best ways to improve the efficiency of your business practices, save labor, and ultimately, save money.

Fighting the Feast or Famine Cycle

Every time dry fertilizers are applied to a lawn, they are absorbed quickly and in large amounts to cause a sudden surge of growth. These cyclical surges in growth consume a lot of energy and cause a lot of stress, weakening plants over time and making them more susceptible to disease. A more consistent supply of nutrients is required to sustainably nourish a lawn, which requires smaller doses of fertilizer to be applied more frequently. A liquid fertilizer like GrassSoGreen can be applied in consistent, small doses through a feeder system to prevent this feast or famine cycle. 

Fertilizers for the Eco-Conscious Customer

Phosphates were traditionally considered important for the growth of plants. However, recent studies have shown that they are, in fact, not as necessary as they were once considered to be. When the benefits of phosphates are weighed against their detrimental environmental effects, it is apparent that they do not need to be included in fertilizers. 

Heavy rains soon after applying fertilizer can wash phosphates into nearby bodies of water, causing a boom in the growth of algae and aquatic plants that consume excessive amounts of oxygen and starve the surrounding aquatic life. Many homeowners have become more eco-conscious in recent years and intentionally avoid products that lead to phenomena like eutrophication. Using fertilizers that don’t contain phosphates tends to sit well with customers and contributes toward fulfilling your business’ social responsibilities.

Using organic fertilizers achieves a similar positive relationship with eco-conscious customers in addition to offering various other benefits like improving soil quality. GrassSoGreen fertilizers, for example, are OMRI certified organic, which many eco-conscious homeowners recognize as being more credible than that merely claim to be “natural.”


GrassSoGreen Liquid Fertilizers as an Example & The Benefits of Automatic Injection Systems

easily fed into irrigation systems

prevents nutrient deficiencies

all-purpose fertilizer contains both nitrogen and potassium in 7-0-2 ratio

maintenance formula contains nitrogen in 19-0-0 ratio

removes labor-intensive / time-consuming aspects with auto injection

eradicates the risk of runoff of excessive amounts of fertilizer

GrassSoGreen Organic All-Purpose Lawn Fertilizer incorporates more than one of the practical and marketable benefits mentioned above. It comes in a liquid form that can easily be fed into an irrigation system using a feeder system. The all-purpose blend is gentle yet nutrient-rich enough to serve as an ideal product to prevent nutrient deficiencies as a lawn is transitioned from receiving harsh, inorganic dry fertilizers to more sustainable organic options.

The All-Purpose Fertilizer contains both nitrogen and potassium, in a 7-0-2 ratio to promote healthy green leaves and a robust root system. The Maintenance Formula contains nitrogen exclusively in a 19-0-0 ratio and can be used to promote growth throughout the watering season. Simply feed refills of GrassSoGreen Maintenance Formula into the irrigation system via an automatic injection system or GreenFeeder and allow the system to do the work. 

The use of an automatic injection system removes the labor-intensive and time-consuming aspects of fertilizing multiple properties at specific intervals. Instead, properties can be consistently sustained with a regular, low dose of liquid fertilizer applied via an automatic injection system every time the lawn is watered. In addition to saving time and money, this approach puts eco-conscious customers at ease because it eradicates the risk of runoff of excessive amounts of fertilizer. The pairing of fertilization with the watering of a property uses both fertilizer and water more effectively. Automatic injection systems like the GreenFeeder also do not require any electricity to maintain the injection of product into the irrigation system.

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American Hydro Injection Systems

Injection systems incorporate a specific amount of concentrated liquid fertilizer from a stock tank into a defined amount of water by following a ratio that will adequately dilute the fertilizer while maintaining its efficacy. Various types of injection systems are accompanied by stock tanks in a range of sizes. The American Hydro injection system, for example, comes with a 15 gallon, 30 gallon, 100 gallon, or 200 gallon tank. Injection systems also contain metering pumps, which facilitate the movement of a specific amount of stock fluid at a specified flow rate. Metering and controlling the flow rate at which liquid fertilizer enters the irrigation system prevents over-fertilization and the related impact on the health of the landscape and surrounding environment. 

When installing any injection system, parameters like the location and size of the well pump on a property must be considered. Whether the equipment needs protection from the elements should also be noted. American Hydro injection systems, for example, should be used when a below-ground or submersible well pump, or a very large above-ground pump, is involved. It’s recommended that you cover the system when installing it outdoors. 

The GreenFeeder System

The GreenFeeder System integrates very small amounts of product into the irrigation system every time you water for a consistent supply of nutrients to the lawn. It adjusts the feed rate based on water flow to prevent the over-administration of landscaping products with proper watering. Simply connect a bottle of GrassSoGreen liquid fertilizer and allow the system to go to work. In addition to fertilizer, the GreenFeeder also facilitates the distribution of liquid pest repellent and rust stain prevention products.

The GreenFeeder System can easily be installed above or below ground, at a variety of angles, and on both pressurized and non-pressurized lines to distribute liquid fertilizer to an entire landscape or a specific area. Every installation requires a code-compliant backflow preventer device to ensure that the customer’s water is not contaminated with fertilizer. However, the GreenFeeder’s simple installation remains very low risk. You can find step-by-step instruction videos here (support videos). Winterizing the GreenFeeder System is as simple as installing a service plug or temporary bypass to prevent damage to the injector when you inject air into the sprinkler system. 

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