The Major Benefits of Having a Healthy Lawn

The Major Benefits of Having a Healthy Lawn With an Automatic Injection System in an Irrigation System

The more comprehensive your consistent maintenance of a property is, the fewer costly and time-consuming calls you will have to make to address pop-up problems. For example, the consistent use of products that neutralize the iron in a customer’s well water supply can prevent the formation of rust stains on landscape features that require hands-on removal. 

When it comes to applying the right products consistently, the best approach is through the irrigation system with the use of an automatic injection system. 

How Does an Automatic Injection System Work?

Automatic injection systems incorporate a specific amount of concentrated liquid products from a stock tank into a defined amount of water by following a ratio that will adequately dilute the products while maintaining their efficacy. There are various types of injection systems that are accompanied by stock tanks in a range of sizes. Injection systems also contain metering pumps, which facilitate the movement of a specific amount of stock fluid at a specified flow rate. Metering and controlling the flow rate at which liquid fertilizer enters the irrigation system prevents the over- or under-application of products to a property. 

Examples of Automatic Injection Systems

American Hydro Injection comes with 15, 30, 100, 200 gallon tanks

Can be installed below-ground, submersed or above-ground

GreenFeeder System is a feeder system

Administers liquid fertilizers, pest control & rust prevention

injects specific doses of product depending on water flow

American Hydro injection systems come with a 15 gallon, 30 gallon, 100 gallon, or 200 gallon tank and a variety of meters. This highly customizable system can be installed on properties with a below-ground or submersible well pump, or a very large above-ground pump. It’s also recommended that you cover the system when installing it outdoors.

The GreenFeeder System is another example of a feeder system with which liquid fertilizers, pest control, and rust prevention products can be administered. Simply connect a bottle of GrassSoGreen liquid fertilizer, for example, and allow the system to go to work. The GreenFeeder System, similarly to metered automatic injection systems, feeds a specified dose of product at a feed rate that is adjusted based on water flow so that, with proper watering, the right amount of product is administered without fail. 

The GreenFeeder System can easily be installed above or below ground, at a variety of angles, and on both pressurized and non-pressurized lines, to distribute liquid fertilizer to an entire landscape or a specific area. Every installation requires a code-compliant backflow preventer device to ensure that the customer’s water is not contaminated with fertilizer. However, the GreenFeeder’s simple installation remains very low risk, and winterizing the GreenFeeder System is as simple as installing a service plug or temporary bypass to prevent damage to the injector when you inject air into the sprinkler system. 

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The Benefits of Automatic Injection Systems

Water Use Reduction

By incorporating small doses of liquid fertilizer into an irrigation system, both water and fertilizer are used more effectively than if the tasks were accomplished individually. Far smaller doses are able to be spread evenly throughout a property than what would be achievable through hands-on fertilization and, as a result, there is no need to administer more fertilizer than absolutely necessary at any given moment, and wastage is minimized. 

Stronger Root Systems

Manual fertilization using granulated fertilizers, or large quantities of fertilizer, is known to cause a phenomenon called the feast or famine cycle. This refers to the stressful and straining boost in growth experienced by plants immediately after the application of fertilizer, followed by a reduction in growth to the point of stagnation. Not only does it weaken the plant, but it also causes irregular mowing requirements as the growth of the lawn varies wildly. Stronger root systems and stronger plants can be sustainably nourished with smaller quantities of liquid fertilizer applied more frequently. This way, a consistent supply of nutrients is applied to the lawn, and this can be achieved through the irrigation system. 

Labor Reduction

One of the most overt advantages of employing an irrigation system to apply fertilizer or pest control to a landscape is the fact that you no longer have to do it by hand. This reduces labor requirements and costs, freeing up more of your time and manpower to take on more customers.

Reduced Runoff

The risk of runoff is created when large quantities of chemicals are applied to a landscape and rain could wash them away into the surrounding natural ecosystem. Customers are becoming increasingly eco-conscious with every passing year, and it is important to consider how the environmental impact of your business practices influence their perception of your company. Applying smaller quantities of product to a landscape more frequently eliminates the risk of excess product being leached into the environment. Automatic injection systems also utilize reliable metering that prevents the hazardous over-application of product to a landscape.

Other Environmental Benefits

The environmental benefits of metered irrigation-based landscape care can be paired with the advantages of opting for organic, phosphate-free fertilizers. Phosphate-free fertilizers, like GrassSoGreen, do not contribute to the eutrophication process that throws surrounding bodies of water out of their ecological balance. Opt for OMRI-certified organic fertilizers, as eco-conscious customers will look for confirmation that the product being used on their landscape is 100% organic.

Administer Multiple Products At Once

Not only can you achieve hands-free fertilization every time you water but you can also administer multiple products at once with the GreenFeeder System, or with the use of more than one feeder system. For example, both GrassSoGreen Maintenance Formula and NatureShield pest repellent can be fed through the same irrigation system to simultaneously achieve nutrient supplementation and pest control.

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