Water Analysis

Please provide the information requested. It is vital that we have as much information as possible so that we can make a proper analysis and recommendation.

Additional Details

Rid O’ Rust System Data

To be completed only if you have an existing Rid O’Rust System
If you have an injection system, please look at the data plate on the side of the chemical feed pump
Test kits are sent out free and deliver professional results. The easy to use DIY Kit provides instant results. For the returnable water bottle option please allow 2-3 weeks for results. Both tests deliver the same results. DIY Kit Must mail the water bottle back to the following address to receive results.

We will e-mail the results of the water analysis along with a dosage recommendation.

Collection Instructions:

  1.  Let your sprinkler system run for several minutes before collecting the water sample. For the most accurate results, draw the sample from a sprinkler head.
  2. Fill the provided sample bottle with water, secure cap and seal with tape.
  3. Place the completed form and the sample bottle in the provided mailing envelope.
  4. Send to:

Pro Products Water Testing
3505 Conestoga Dr
Fort Wayne, IN 46808

This sample will be analyzed for one or more of the following parameters: Iron (PPM), Hardness (GPG), & pH level.