Water Test

Three Ways To Have Your Water Tested

American Hydro Systems offers three simple solutions for testing your water. Water testing is very important in helping you select the proper Rid O’Rust Formula and how much is needed to prevent those unsightly rust stains caused by your well water irrigation system.

We can send you a “do it yourself” water test kit, we can send you a form to fill out and we will test your water for you, or you can send us your test results and we will supply you with the proper Rid O’ Rust Formula and dosage amount.

1. Request a kit

Please Fill Out This Form to Request Your Water Test

This kit contains the necessary materials to conduct two tests each for iron content, pH level and hardness of your irrigation water. Easy to follow instructions are included with step-by-step direction. Simply, input your information into our dosage calculator to determine which Rid O’Rust Formula will work best for you and how much is needed to prevent those unsightly rust stains.

Additional Details

Rid O’ Rust System Data

To be completed only if you have an existing Rid O’Rust System
If you have an injection system, please look at the data plate on the side of the chemical feed pump
Test kits are sent out free and deliver professional results. The easy to use DIY Kit provides instant results. For the returnable water bottle option please allow 2-3 weeks for results. Both tests deliver the same results. DIY Kit Must mail the water bottle back to the following address to receive results.

We will e-mail the results of the water analysis along with a dosage recommendation.

2. Send your sample

If you already have your water sample, simply send it to us and we will provide our recommendation. Please fill out and include this form with your sample and send to:

Pro Products, LLC
Attn: Water Testing Department
3404 Conestoga Dr.
Ft. Wayne, IN 46808

3. Send your results

If you have had a local testing source test your water, you can send your results to us and we make our recommendation for proper treatment.

Mail your results to us

Pro Products, LLC
Attn: Water Testing Department
7201 Engle Road
Ft. Wayne, IN 46804

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