About American Hydro Products

American Hydro Systems' specialty irrigation products are designed to treat well water used in irrigation systems. We’ve been providing specialty irrigation products for rust stain removal and prevention, as well as fertilizers and scale reducers, to the irrigation industry for over twenty-five years.

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American Hydro Irrigation Products

"How much Formula Do I Need?"

Rust & Calcium Prevention Product Calculator

Not sure how much formula to use? Simply select Rust Prevention or Calcium Prevention from the pull-down menu, fill in the information, and we'll do the rest! Make sure you have your test results handy because that information is important.

It's EASY To Get Started!


Choose the Feeder System

The irrigation feeder system you’ll use depends on the type of well pump installed with your irrigation system. Choose from the simple Siphoning System, a versatile injection system, or our unique ProFeeder and Stow N’ Flow Systems.


Pick the Formula

Depending on the type of feeder system you install, you can apply one or a combination of our Prevention, Fergitation and Repelligation products to your landscape - everytime you water.


Enjoy the Results!

Once you’ve installed your American Hydro Feeder System simply add more product solution when a refill is needed and let the irrigation system do the work for you! Sit back and relax, enjoy a family barbecue, plant in the garden - and enjoy your clean and green landscape.