Three Ways To Have Your Water Tested

Water testing is very important in helping you select the proper Rid O’Rust Formula and how much is needed to prevent those unsightly rust stains caused by your well water irrigation system. 

American Hydro Systems offers three simple solutions for testing your water.

1. Request a Water Test Kit

Do it yourself. We provide a kit with instructions on how to test your water. After you collect your results, simply input your information int o the dosage calculator and get your recommended formula and dosage based on your specific results.
OR, simply collect your water using the handy vial in the kit, fill out the Well Water Analysis Form and place in pre-addressed envelope. We'll test the water for you and email you the results along with the recommended formula and dosage amounts.

    2. In a hurry? Send your sample.

    Clean and fill a small bottle with your water, print off the Well Water Analysis Form, fill it in and send both to the address listed on the tab. Your result will be emailed to you once the lab completed the testing.

      3. Had your water tested recently? Send your results.

      Send us your test results and we will review and email you the proper Rid O' Rust formula and dosage amount.

        If you already have your water sample, simply send it to us and we will provide our recommendation.

        Please fill out and include this form with your sample and send to:

        A&L Great Lakes Laboratories
        C/O: Pro Products #03404
        3505 Conestoga Drive
        Ft. Wayne, IN 46808

        Download PDF Form

        Fill out the Well Water Analysis Form and email that form and your test results to

        Or, you can simply go to the dosage calculator and input your results get the recommended Rid O' Rust formula and dosage amount.

        Download PDF Form