Grow your business with Pro Products

Avoid economic downturns in your landscaping business and experience

Positive Cash Flow

Dedicated support from your direct dial rep

Recurring Income

All by becoming a Pro Products distributor.

Offer your customers a comprehensive range of solutions for problem water and for maintaining the performance of their water treatment equipment: GrassSoGreen, Rid O’Rust, GreenFeeder, NatureShield, Res Care, and SaniSystem.

Easy 1-2-3 onsite sales: sanitize the system on install to educate the customer, promote regular maintenance and sanitization every time, and use hang tags or stickers to provide instructions and remind homeowners of service dates.

Easy 1-2-3 repeat sales: sanitize at the next service; add sanitization as an additional line time on the invoice; leave information about the new sanitization fee along with tags and stickers to remind of repeat service dates.

Pro Products delivers a recurring revenue model that helps you weather downturns

But without overwhelming you when business is booming. Service is at the heart of our business, and Pro Products fully supports our distributors and customers.

For You

Comprehensive sales training and distributor support including tools for service reps to offer 13-point inspections as a way to rekindle dormant customer relationships.

For Your Customers

Customer education tools that explain how they will save time and money while achieving the results they want with Pro Products.