General Warranty Statement

Because of the nature of the water treatment business, we can warranty our hardware — the pumps, tanks and parts that feed chemicals — but cannot make a blanket guarantee as to the performance of our chemicals in the field. We do warranty that we have provided the appropriate amount of ingredients and that under stated conditions, they should perform as represented.

Many factors over which we have no control affect the performance of our products. Actual well conditions, equipment installation and maintenance of the water treatment system impact the performance of our products. Therefore, a blanket guarantee of performance would be impossible.

On Rust Stain Prevention

If ferric iron is present in the well water, our products will not be able to prevent a stain. Generally, ferric iron can be produced in two ways:

  1. By introducing air, chlorine or any other oxidizing agent into the well water prior to the point that our formulas are injected.
  2. By the presence of iron-related bacteria in the well water that produce ferric iron as a by-product of propagation.

It is difficult to test well water to determine the amount of ferric iron present. Iron bacteria, on the other hand, signify their presence by reddish tinged water, slime on pipes, and slime and ”sludge” build-up around the edges and corners of an irrigation system. Please note that lake water or any other bodies of water exposed to the atmosphere can have substantial amounts of ferric iron that we cannot treat. As noted elsewhere in our literature, stains are also caused by tannin in the well water. Stains can appear with tannin in excess of 3 ppm. Our products do not prevent stains caused by tannins.

Water Testing

Water quality can change frequently. We recommend that users test their water each year to monitor changes in iron, hardness and pH levels. Water tests are available through or your local water-quality professional.

Returned Goods Policy for Pumps

We warranty pumps, including the P1X, for the following time period:

  • One (1) year from the date of sale to the end user.
  • All returns MUST include a copy of the sales receipt.
  • It is important that the distributor and/or contractor record the serial number or manufacture date code of the pump on the receipt when the pump is sold.
  • Warranty covers normal usage, excluding power overload on the pump motor, whether caused by incorrect installation or acts of nature. We accept returned pumps and parts only if accompanied by a returned goods authorization number (RGA) that we supply.

Pumps Under Warranty for Repair

If a pump is determined to be within the time frame de- scribed above, it will be returned to the manufacturer, along with the RGA provided by them, to ensure the pump is within the warranty time frame.

  • If a returned pump is determined to be reparable and under the warranty period, the pump will be repaired by the manufacturer and returned to the customer at no charge.
  • If a returned pump is found to be non-reparable by the manufacturer due to power overloads as described above, the customer will be contacted and informed about the issue.

Pumps Out of Warranty

If a pump is out of warranty and a customer would like to have it repaired, we will contact the manufacturer to obtain an RGA and send the pump to them, along with a purchase order from the distributor, and direct the manufacuturer to recondition the pump.