Rid O’ Rust® Liquid Rust Stain Remover


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Powerful Rust Stain Remover

Problem rust stains on your house? Rust stains on your concrete, sidewalk or driveway? Rust on your boat? Need an effective rust remover? If you have rust stains, you will want to remove the existing stains before installing a rust stain preventer.


To remove most stains without scrubbing, simply spray on, rinse and walk away!

Rid ‘O Rust is safe for painted and un-painted surfaces, metal surfaces, stucco, concrete, stone, grout, and asphalt and will not etch concrete.

Part Numbers

Part # Size Qty.
2662 1 gal. 1
2662-GL-CS 1 gal. 4
2662-PA 5 gal. 1
2662DR 55 gal. 1


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