Contractors FAQ – Water Treatment

Answers to common questions about our water treatment products

We offer water treatment products that serve a variety of uses. Here are some answers to some of the questions we get asked the most.

I see a lot of build-up in water softeners. What’s the best way to remove it?

We recommend using the Res Care Easy Feeder. There are certain contaminants that salt cannot remove on its own, and once the resin becomes fouled, the water softener won’t work as efficiently. Our Res Care Easy Feeder can administer small amounts of product daily—in amounts as small as half an ounce—to keep the water softener functioning at peak efficiency. 

What cleaning product do salt manufacturers recommend for water softeners?

Our Res Care Easy Feeder is the number one water softener cleaner sold on the market and is highly recommended by salt manufacturers.

How does Res Care work?

Res Care is an all-purpose liquid water softener that is formulated to remove contaminants that salt cannot on its own. These include iron, manganese, silt, and metal particles, as well as organic compounds.

Is Res Care safe for drinking water?

Res Care is NSF certified to meet NSF/ANSI Standard 60 for drinking water additives. Here is some more information on these standards.

Why should I use a feeder system instead of manually adding the product?

The Res Care Easy Feeder offers consistent maintenance and keeps water softeners operating at peak efficiency. It’s easy to install—the only follow-up required is refilling the attached canister when the product runs out. This is an effective, low-maintenance method of maintaining a water softener.